Sunday, 21 February 2016

A lapdancer Dumped Her Husband Of Two Years Because Of What? Click To Read More.

A lapdancer has dumped her husband of two years for England soccer star Jermain Defoe
24-year-old Rachel Calvert dumped devastated Tony on Valentine’s Day – in a car park at Asda.
And just to rub it in, Tony is a Newcastle United fan – while his substitute Defoe, 33, plays for Premier League arch rivals Sunderland.
She and dockworker Tony, 26, have a three-year-old daughter.
A pal said:

 “They had broken up in the middle of January and Tony moved back to his mum’s while she stayed in their house.He was keen to patch things up so they arranged to meet up on neutral territory in the Asda car park on Valentine’s Day to talk things through. He even bought her a rose.
“When they were in the car together she told him she was seeing someone. At first she didn’t seem to want to tell him who it was.She was talking about wanting a divorce and Tony just insisted she told him who it was.Then she told him it was Jermain Defoe, who plays for Sunderland, and Tony just blurted out, ‘Are you taking the p***’.
 He was absolutely gutted. Apparently she said she didn’t want to hurt him any more. But he’s a Newcastle fan so that made things even worse.
“He can’t believe this has been going on. He ended up taking the rose back from her and giving it to one of his friends instead.”
This week Rachel was spotted in her slippers with the wheeliebin at Defoe’s £2million mansion in upmarket Ponteland, Northumberland.Her white BMW convertible has been parked on the drive outside the property while the £70,000-a-week forward has been away with his teammates at a warm weather training camp in Dubai.
 A friend of Tony and Rachel last week said he suspected the relationship with the soccer star had been going on for a while. Rachel works as a lapdancer in the Blue Velvet club in Newcastle, using the stage name Lydia.
“They’ve been together for about five years and he was well aware of what she did for a living. She makes good money and told him she would never give it up.
“They got married two years ago but things started to change between them last year.
“They went on holiday to New York and things weren’t right. Tony’s a painter and plasterer who works in the shipyards. He’s worked hard but has never really been rolling in money.
“When they were in America she was splashing out on Christian Louboutin shoes and wanting to go out all the time.
“When they got back home she started going out more and more. She bought herself a flashy BMW convertible. She’s been living the high life these last few months.”
 The pal said that after Christmas and New Year Rachel began speaking of her unhappiness, telling Tony things weren’t working. The friend said:
“She was blowing hot and cold with him. Saying ‘I want you’ one minute and then ‘I don’t want you’ the next. He may not have been able to give her all the material things she wanted, but he gave her his heart.”
 Speaking through the intercom at the footballer’s mansion, Rachel refused to comment on her new relationship

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